Hello, Bonsaists🌳

It has been a month since we finished selling BONSAI NFT FARM.
*Check the details about BONSAI NFT FARM below:

“What can we do to make it more enjoyable for our holders?”

“How can we bring more people into bonsai?”

We have been exploring various ways to develop this project for the past month, and have made a plan until April next year 🙌

In this article, we will talk about the title “BONSAI NFT FARM — SEASON 2” and the roadmap of BONSAI NFT after that 🌳


BONSAI NFT FARM has prepared 8031 NFTs and the deadline of mint date was on Oct 31st, 2022. But only 5505 NFTs were sold then and over 2500 NFTs haven’t minted yet.

So, we decided to start “Seasonal minting” to sell out the rest, and reach our goal!🎉

We will create BONSAI art for each season and implement a new measure of additional sales: rewrite the metadata of the remaining NFTs (about 2,500 pieces) that have not yet been minted to the seasonal BONSAI art.

BONSAI NFT FARM SEASON 2 (“Season 2”) is scheduled to be minted in late December, so “Christmas & New Year BONSAI” will be newly minted🎄🎍

Sales Overview

  • Chain: Ethereum
  • Token: ERC721
  • Number of tokens: TBD (to be announced)
  • Price: Adjusted according to the OpenSea floor price
  • Sales Start: Late December 2022

As mentioned above, Season 2 will be developed within the same collection as BONSAI NFT FARM.

BONSAI NFT FARM collection

Because the collections are the same, the utilities are also the same as BONSAI NFT FARM.


BONSAI NFT CLUB and BONSAI NFT FARM holders have Airdrops 📦🌳

BONSAI NFT FARM role introduction
*Utility depends on how many number of BONSAI NFT FARM you hold

  • 10~29 NFTs: Gardener
  • 30~99 NFTs: Grand Garden Owner
  • 100~ NFTs: Super Garden Owner

Airdrop for Season 2 is as follows

  • FARM HOLDER: No Airdrop
  • Gardener: 1 NFT
  • Grand Garden Owner: 4 NFTs
  • Super Garden Owner: 10 NFTs + 1 Collaborated NFT

As in the previous season, collaborations with other NFT projects will be conducted in Season 2.

The collaborators will be announced soon!

Collaborated NFTs at the last season


  • Dec. 1: This article is released
  • Dec. 5: 1st SneakPeak
  • Dec. 8: Twitter Space @7pm (JST)
  • Dec. 12: 2nd SneakPeak
  • Dec. 15: Twitter Space @7pm (JST)
  • Late Dec: Airdrop Snapshot, Airdrop, Public Sale


After Season 2, BONSAI NFT is scheduled to run until next April 🙌

Let’s start!



  • November: Unlimited Bonsai System Vol.1 (Winter) Snapshot
  • December: BONSAI NFT FARM — SEASON 2 sales start


  • January: UnlimitedBonsai System Vol.1 (Winter) delivery
  • Feburary: BONSAI NFT CLUB Bonsai Garden opens, Unlimited Bonsai System Vol.2 (Spring) Snapshot
  • March: BONSAI NFT FARM — SEASON 3 sales start
  • April: BONSAI NFT MUSEUM sales begin, UnlimitedBonsai System Vol. 2 (Spring) Delivery

Here’s a brief introduction to each!

Unlimited Bonsai System

Bonsai will be sent each season according to the role corresponding to the number of NFT owned.
*Snapshot dates for each season will be announced at a later date (first one is November 30, 2022 at 23:59).

The number of bonsai to be sent per NFT ownership is as follows!

  • FARM HOLDER: No bonsai sent
  • Gardener: 1 mini bonsai sent
  • Grand Garden Owner: 1 small to medium bonsai sent
  • Super Garden Owner: 1 original bonsai (Created by BONSAI NFT CLUB)
  • CLUB HOLDER: 1 mini bonsai + extra

Check more details here:


The next of Season 2, which is also the main theme of this article.

Bonsai with a spring motif, coming soon🌸


BONSAI NFT MUSEUM is an NFT ownership of bonsai whose owners change and are recorded in real time.

Just as a Van Gogh painting is displayed in a museum but its owner changes through auctions, we are now envisioning the establishment of a bonsai museum that will redefine the investment value of bonsai according to “who owned the NFT”.

Coming soon…


Once again, thank you very much for your support of BONSAI NFT FARM even though 8031 pieces could not be sold out.

We hope that we can provide you with the enjoyment of the “seasonal minting” within the same collection, which is rarely seen in other projects.

And BONSAI NFT CLUB will celebrate its first anniversary on April 25 next year.
*First tweet date

We are planning to open the BONSAI NFT MUSEUM on the first anniversary, and we have announced our roadmap toward that.

We will continue to show you new developments of BONSAI x NFT with the goal of “making bonsai into contents that art lovers and investors around the world are enthusiastic about.

If you are at all interested, please check out the latest information below 🌳

Discord community:



Stage1: BONSAI NFT CLUB🌳 → Stage2: BONSAI NFT FARM👨‍🌾 → Stage3: ???🚀|Founder @majisukecorp , Community Manager @bara_BONSAI |

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Stage1: BONSAI NFT CLUB🌳 → Stage2: BONSAI NFT FARM👨‍🌾 → Stage3: ???🚀|Founder @majisukecorp , Community Manager @bara_BONSAI |